Monday, 10 May 2010

Room for Flowers in the garden

A dull corner of the patio outside my kitchen window had been depressing me for weeks. Time to do something about it, I thought at the weekend - surely the last frosts have gone (as I write I can hear on the radio that it is snowing in Northumberland, and the morning's paper says a week of frosts ahead....).

I've used Euphorbia, with it's wonderful lime green bracts, and orange wallflowers, together with some pots of ready grown (and reduced to £2 a pot!) bright red tulips. A few orange marigolds, a Phormium yellow wave and some red pelargoniums complete the picture.
Already breakfast has been a more cheery affair and my spirits lifted before I head out of the door for the all I need to do is paint the walls!

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely warm display - no wonder your breakfasts are brighter. I really can't believe how dismally cold this weather is. It;s as though everything is on hold again.