Friday, 12 February 2010

Progress on Winter Salads

It's been a while since our last update and some things have been growing well and some things have been, well, stationary!
The star of the show has been the Texel Greens - a jam packed Planter full of them. They have been cut day after day to make, amongst other things, the chicken salad sandwiches so beloved of my son (there is chicken in there I promise - just hiding under the generous portion of Texel greens....). A delicious, distinctive, not too peppery flavour and totally frost resistant.

Talking of frost resistant - it's a rare thing for us in Poole to get more than a degree or so below freezing and even rarer to get real, proper snow (not like the stoical folks up at our factory in Sheffield who all own decent snow boots and can drive in the stuff without crashing!). However this winter has broken all the norms and we have had to resort to desperate measures - bubble wrap. Does the job but looks hideous. Hmm, surely we can come up with something better than this....

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